A Glance at the Healing and Beautifying Powers of Argan Oil

Our Argan Oil is 100 percent pure and does not have any additives or chemicals. It does not even have any artificial fragrance. The Argan Oil is basically a plant oil that is extracted from Argan Tree Kernels. The Argan tree grows in the southwestern Morocco only. The local Moroccan women hand cracked the Argan nuts by placing the nuts between two stones. The locals have been using this technique for centuries. The hand cracked Argan nuts are hand-grounded with the help of a stone grinder. They are hand kneaded for hours together and cold pressed into oil. The Argan Oil is rich in minerals, fatty acids, vitamins, and anti-oxidants.

Let’s find out more about it.

Why We Simply Love the Argan Oil
Argan Oil is more of a magic potion and a wonderful moisturizer for the skin. Only a few drops of Argan Oil can help to moisturize the face fairly well. It is non-greasy oil and gets absorbed into the skin quickly. Following are the features and benefits:
• It is an excellent hydrating toner as well. A few drops of Argan oil can be added to a daily use toner to hydrate the skin well. A home-made toner can also be prepared using Argan Oil. One or two drops of Argan Oil can be added to Orange Blossom or Rose water.
• Argan Oil can be added to a face brightening mask to add freshness to the face. Argan Oil can be added to a “store bought mask” or a “home-made” mask as well.
• It is an excellent moisturizer for the lips as well. Argan Oil needs to be mixed with brown sugar and vanilla extract to make an excellent lip scrub and moisturizer to restore the beauty of the lips in no time.
• Adding Argan Oil to the foundation or bronzer gives the face a luminous glow that simply looks wonderful.
• The Argan Oil can prove to be an excellent body bath as well. Before taking a bath, the Argan Oil can be applied to the skin directly for some time, or it can be added to the bath as well.

What Is In The Argan Oil Bottle?
A tiny bottle of Argan Oil contains 100 percent pure oil which is produced organically and has no harmful chemicals.
What Is Not Present In The Bottle Of Argan Oil?
Pure Argan Oil is free from all sorts of additives and preservatives. This is why so many benefits are attainable from a tiny bottle of Argan Oil.

How to use?
It is very important to use Argan Oil the right way to get the maximum benefits. Before applying the Argan Oil, the face needs to be cleaned first. Argan oil can be massaged on the face after cleansing. This beauty regime can be repeated twice once in the morning and once at night. Argan Oil can also be used as a serum. When the Argan Oil is used as a serum, the oil needs to be applied to the skin first. When the oil has been absorbed then, the night cream can be applied to the skin.